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100% Unbiased Product Reviews by Candid Ratings


At Candid Ratings our mission is to provide 100% unbiased and in-depth product reviews to help consumers save time and money by helping them to make well informed purchasing decisions and to avoid to purchase the “wrong” product.

We are currently building the site and will publish the first product reviews shortly.

If you don’t want to miss any important information before you make the next purchase, make sure to bookmark our site and come back soon.

Don't make a purchase before checking our reviews

Today, where it is easier than ever before to sell digital and physical products, online offers and sellers are popping up by the hundreds each day. Therefore, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive reviews online to help you find the best products and offers on the internet. It is evident that product descriptions on the web will never talk about any disadvantages or downsides of a particular item because eventually, the store owner want’s to sell as many units as possible and therefore it is not in his own best interest to provide any negative information about a product. Instead, in most cases, the information you’ll find on online stores is scarce, faint, not complete, it doesn’t allow you to make a well-informed purchasing decision, and in the end, it is sales copy that is aiming to sell the product. Fortunately, you have discovered Candid Ratings where we go the extra mile to provide you with all the ups and downs of a product. Providing you with as many relevant details as possible before your purchase shall prevent you from making a wrong purchase.When we review a product, our approach differs a lot from other review sites because we always ask ourselves what we would like and need to know to make a well-informed purchasing decision if we were to purchase this specific product. We take an intense look at its appearance; we analyze its functions; we compare it to other similar products from other manufacturers; we weigh the pros and cons and finally break down precisely, what product is best to meet your requirements. As you know, the saying is “The devil is in the detail,” and the same applies when making a purchase decision. Therefore, we collect as many information as possible on each product that we are reviewing to deliver the most unbiased product reviews you can find. Of course, we know that not everybody who is looking to purchase the same product has the same requirements and standards, which is why we always aim to give recommendations for different types of customers. In addition to that, we also still provide easy to understand product comparison tables.Below you can find a few of the characteristics we always look for and are non-negotiable to us.

In-depth background information

We not only provide 100% comprehensive and trustworthily product reviews, but also very detailed background information on products and product categories. In other words, this means that you will also find a lot of general information about each product that we rate on our site. For example, you’ll not only learn what charcoal teeth whitening product is the best, but you can also find information about how this kind of teeth whitening product works, whether it is safe to use, and we also answer the most frequently asked question about this product.

Only the top products

Typically most products are available from lots of different manufacturers in similar forms, shapes, and sizes, which makes it very hard for consumers to sort through the supply and find the best product for their needs and requirements. At CandidRatings.com we always filter each product category for its top items and we will never ad any crappy products on our site. That said, you will only find the top products and offers in our reviews.

New reviews on an ongoing basis

New products become available every single day, and since our goal is to become the #1, most helpful and most trusted review site on the Internet, our rating specialists are reviewing new products every day, and we are also aiming to publish additional reviews on a weekly basis. We also don’t stop with looking at one product from only one perspective. For example, take a look at teeth whitening. If you are looking to find the best teeth whitening product, the answer is not that simple, because you can choose between different types of whitening products. You can either opt for tray-based products using a gel, whitening toothpaste, strips, whitening kits that also contain an accelerator (light-based), or even 100% natural teeth whiteners like charcoal based products. Therefore, we approach each product from different perspectives to provide you with the best information possible and help you find the item that meets your expectations the best.

Covering a lot of product categories

As we have already stated above, hour goal is to become the most valuable review site you can find. One essential part of turning CandidRatings.com into your trusted one-stop shop for reliable and honest product information is to cover as many product categories as humanly possible. Shortly, we will provide reviews on the major categories like health, beauty, electronics, toys, clothing, home, garden as well as other not so famous sections. Thus, the chances are that if you are looking for a review of a product that is not in high demand as a fidget spinner, for example, you might still find it on our site.

Availability is key

What does a fabulous review help you, if it is hard to purchase the product once you have made your decision? Well, we think it wouldn’t help at all. If we would tell you, that product XYZ is the best you can get for your needs, but wouldn’t provide any information about where to buy it right away at a low price, this wouldn’t help you. Well, we get that. Therefore, we always provide a link to a place you can trust (mostly Amazon) where you can purchase the desired good at an affordable rate and get it delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Great user experience

It is not only our goal to provide you with the most reliable product reviews and ratings but to also ensure that you have a great and excellent user experience. Therefore, we made the navigation as convenient and simplistic as possible, and we are continually working on our website to ensure a fast load time on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices. You can either navigate our site by using the menu or the category overview, and we have also included a search function to make it a breeze for our visitors to find specific product reviews right away.
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