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Best home remedies for bright and shiny teeth
Oral Health

Best home remedies for bright and shiny teeth

How nature can help you whiten your teeth

In our last article, we have explained in detail what all belongs to a comprehensive and thorough oral hygiene. We have told you the difference between a manual toothbrush and an electric toothbrush. I explained to you that flossing is not always the best way to clean your interdental spaces. And last but not least, you now know that mouthwash is part of a complete oral hygiene routine.

You know how to avoid tartar, but what about discoloration? What about the engraving on the teeth that still bother? You would also like to have shiny and bright teeth as you know them from stars and singers. Pure, white teeth as a symbol of attractiveness and health.

But until now you have not enough information about whitening. You know that there are many different ways to lighten teeth.

Do you always have to go to the dentist for white teeth? Is chemistry the only solution?

If that’s your question, you’re in the right place. We will clarify for you. After that, power bleaching, white strips, whitening toothpaste and natural bleaching remedies such as activated charcoal will be a familiar term for you.

Lean back and read our information in peace.

First and foremost, however you want to whiten your teeth, a regular visit to the dentist is essential. He or she will examine whether your teeth are intact or not. He will tell you if you have got cavities or if you have problems with the gum. Maybe he also does an x-ray picture to be quite sure of his diagnosis. Mostly, the dentist can these problems can usually resolve these problems in just a few sessions. If then he gives his consent, there are no obstacles in the way for teeth whitening.

Now you have to decide, whether it should be the quick and easy way and you want to use chemistry. Or, if in your opinion that only natural things should come into your mouth. For both decisions, there is the perfect Therapy.

Natural whitening first

Let’s give nature the lead and see what natural whitening methods are.

Baking Soda – let’s do it as our grannies did it

The oldest home remedy to whiten the teeth is probably baking soda. Already our mothers and grandmothers used it to make their teeth shine a little bit whiter. Take natural Baking soda, as you can find it in every kitchen. Make your toothbrush a little damp and dip it into the baking soda. Immediately you will notice how it starts to react with the water. Brush your teeth carefully with the resulting paste. Discoloration dissolves with this method and also the teeth seem to be whiter afterward. But due to its strong abrasiveness, frequent use is not recommended.

Lemon Juice – not only for infused water

Another natural way to lighten your teeth is lemon juice. Squeeze a fresh organic lemon and catch the juice. Also dip your toothbrush again and start cleaning your teeth gently. You will immediately feel an effect, and maybe your teeth will appear a little more radiant. But be careful, the acid causes a dissolving of the uppermost tooth layer, the enamel. If you frequently clean with lemon juice, irreversible damage to the enamel can occur in the long term.

Strawberries – the most delicious way of whitening

Did you know that strawberries not only taste great with champagne or as a topping on the American cheesecake but they can also be used to lighten your teeth? Take some fresh strawberries and puree them. Apply this paste to your teeth and let it react for some time. Then brush it off and rinse your mouth thoroughly. Please also note that no seeds of strawberries get lost in your interdental spaces. These little seeds can lead to gingivitis. What would not be more beneficial to dental health than an artificially made inflammation? Strawberries are very healthy because they contain not only essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium but also iron and folic acid. Besides these essential minerals, strawberries also contain vitamin C or, in other words, ascorbic acid. Here is the same effect as whitening with lemon juice, that the containing vitamin c attacks the uppermost enamel layer. Applying strawberries too often to the enamel can damage it irreversibly.

Banana peels – too valuable to throw away

Yes, that’s right. After eating your banana, you can use the skin to make your teeth whiter. Take the banana peel and rub a few times over your teeth. In addition to a peel-off effect, the shell also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Also, it contains valuable minerals such as magnesium and potassium, as well as vitamins A, B6, B12, and C. A power shell for your teeth. But the banana peel can do a lot more. It can help against acne, and it can be used on scurf, or for flower fertilizing. Think about it the next time before you litter your banana peel.

Oil pulling – the ayurvedic secret of teeth whitening

Have you ever heard of oil pulling? Oil pulling is initially due to an old Ayurvedic tradition. In addition to a detoxifying effect, this method is also said to make the teeth brighter step by step. Always pull oil in the morning on an empty stomach. In this case use a teaspoon to a tablespoon full of cold-pressed oil, such. Sunflower oil, olive oil or – which is the most delicious way, coconut oil. Make sure that you always use oil of high quality, cold-pressed if possible. Take the oil into your mouth and rinse your mouth carefully by pulling the oil between your teeth. Do this for a few minutes, just as long as you can withstand it. It is said to bind existing toxins in the mouth while providing healthy gums and whiter teeth. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly and brush your teeth. In any case, avoid swallowing the oil, due to the solved toxins. Spit it out completely. Please be aware that oil pulling will not lead to noticeable effects within a few minutes. But over time you will notice improved oral health and whiter teeth.

Oil Pulling is a possibility which, with a little patience, is recommended without any doubts.

Turmeric – yellow power for whiter teeth

Do you love the Asian cuisine with all its intense and delicious spices? Then you will also know turmeric, the little miracle root from the Far Eastern cuisine. Turmeric is experiencing popularity like never before. It is supposed to help against a whole range of illnesses. It stimulates digestion, lowers cholesterol levels and inflammation, is said to be effective against a wide range of cancers – and also provides whiter teeth. But then you remember the last time you ate turmeric. It was this intense yellow that made your dish look so appetizing. And this strong color is now to provide whiter teeth? Your doubts cannot be wholly dismissed. But I can calm you down. It has a lightening effect.

It is best to use turmeric in powdered form. You can buy it as a loose powder, or in capsule form, and then open the capsule. Mix the turmeric powder with a few drops of water to make a consistent paste. If you brush your teeth with it, please pay attention to your surroundings, once in contact with turmeric, it will be yellow forever. Use an old toothbrush for this, because it will turn into a bright yellow, too. Brush your teeth thoroughly with the turmeric paste. Then rinse carefully. You will immediately feel and see a difference at once. Turmeric will not only have a whitening effect on your teeth, but it also has a strengthening and anti-inflammatory effect on your gum. The paste is the perfect prevention against periodontitis.

To increase the effectiveness, you can mix turmeric with coconut oil instead of water. Then you have your perfect homemade whitening and gum protecting paste.

Activated charcoal – black power for whiter teeth

Last but not least I would like to introduce you activated charcoal for whiter teeth. Medicine uses activated charcoal since ever. It is applied against diarrhea or poisoning because of its strong absorbing properties. At the moment, the power coal is experiencing a hype in the cosmetic industry. Facial masks or shower gels contain activated charcoal to ensure an intensive deep-pore cleaning. We benefit from this high cleaning power when we want to whiten our teeth. But please note that, like with turmeric, activated charcoal is an intense color that quickly dyes sinks and towels. For this purpose use an old toothbrush. Activated charcoal is available in pressed form or as loose powder. If you prefer the pressed tablets, you must crush the coal into pieces first. Then mix the powder with a little water, or with coconut oil. Dip your toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual. Pay attention to a sufficient exposure time. The activated charcoal will absorb discolorations and deposits like a small sponge. The result is white and shiny teeth.

If all this is too cumbersome for you, there are already kinds of toothpaste with activated charcoal on the market. Ready to use.

For all at home remedies whitening count that you need a little patience.

It is a gentle way to lighten the teeth. However, this requires a few passes. It’s gentle on the gums and teeth. And on top of that, there is a lot of money for you to save.

Whichever method you choose, always keep the health of your teeth in mind. Because without them everything is nothing.

Did you like our article about home remedies? Did you get valuable information? But maybe you are not satisfied yet, and you want to know what options are available to brighten your teeth quickly and efficiently. Then go on reading right here. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about home whitening and power whitening.

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