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In-Depth Review Of Organifi Green Juice
Health & Beauty

Organifi Green Juice – Is it worth your money?

Table of Content

Organifi Green Juice – Is it worth your money?

Green Powder Drink – is Organifi the best?

Organifi Green Juice – the green power drink

The green drink ingredients – and how they really work

Green Powder Drink – is Organifi the best?

Have you ever heard about the leafy green superfoods? No, never? Due to their healthy and detoxifying effect, the green juice is celebrated as the best superfoods or even as the best medicine ever. But what´s within the green powder, which is so life-improving? Let´s uncover the many secrets of the dusty green powder brought to us by Organifi. Here are the latest Organifi Green Juice reviews and lots of additional behind the scenes knowledge. 

Come shopping with us

When you go to a regular supermarket today, guess what you can find there. Fresh food, juicy apples, green salad, yes, maybe one fourth or one-fifth of the supermarket is full of healthy eating. But what about the other 75%? These supermarket shelves or freezers are fully loaded with food that does not deserve the name food. Is not fresh, but processes, cooked and “improved” with lots of sugar, fats – trans fats in the worst case, preservatives and additives. The food industry is really creative in having us believe, that those processes foods are even healthier than the fresh apple laying just a movement away. They stuff their products with sugar in various names, like glucose, glucose-fructose-syrup, corn sugar, dextrose, and starch syrup, just to name a few of them. But they have one thing in common: it´s all lots of diseases triggering glucose. No more, but no less. It´s the industries´ earnings that people all over the world consume more sugar than 50 years ago and consume more sugar than it´s suggested by the WHO. And the same is with fats. There´s too much saturated and hardened fat within our foods. Just to make them taste more delicious and raise people´s demand for more unhealthy food. It´s a vicious circle, with diabetes, arteriosclerosis and hearts attacks waiting at the end. Perhaps you want to take care of your life, your body, and your personal health and break the vicious circle by avoiding those processes high sugar and high-fat foods. Only want to spend your time in the vegetables and fruits division of the supermarkets. Perhaps, there are some more healthy foods you can find in almost every supermarket, such as coconut milk and oil, nuts, and seeds, as well as frozen fruits like berries and frozen vegetables. 

The next morning 

You have made a purchase with lots of healthy and wonderful fruits and vegetables. But back at home, the following day, you cannot snatch up to clean and mince all the stuff, perhaps blend it or juice them for a whole and healthy breakfast, such as a green juice and, hey, we don´t even talk about a healthy dinner. Within a few seconds, you relapse to your old habits, pick up your coffee to go on your way to work and opt for a dripping piece of junk food for lunch. In the evening you are filled with calories, fats, sugars and toxins, such as preservatives and additives, but missing all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, your cells actually long for. This strategy might run well during the early twenties, but one day you will realize the negative consequences of the fast food diet. Perhaps your skin is never clean to the pore, merely looks like a lunar crater, you might suffer from allergies or even food intolerance, your sleep is poor, and you complain about lack of energy, there´s PCO, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, too high LDL and much more. Perhaps one day your body and your psyche will be down this way, and you might ask yourself “how could this happen”? The answer is quite simple – it´s caused by feeding your body, compared to the engine of a car, with the worst stuff you can find – refined sugar, and white flour products – empty calories without any nutritional value. Transfats, but no essential and polyunsaturated fats, to keep the wall of the cells smooth and mobile, no vitamins and antioxidants to make the engine run in the best way. And, that´s where the green juice by Organifi can merely save your life. No kidding. Let´s see what´s within there. 

Organifi Green Juice – the green power drink

What would you say, if it takes only a few seconds in the morning to prepare a healthy, nutritious breakfast loaded with leafy greens, antioxidants, and vitamins? Impossible? No, that´s what the green juice powder is for. To provide you the best and healthiest breakfast you ever had – within the wink of an eye. No shopping, washing, and snipping in the morning. Just take a spoon of the potent green superfood powder and mix it with water or any other kind of liquid you want, think about all the delicious nut milk options, such as almond or coconut milk. Then you are ready for the most nutritious breakfast you probably ever had. It will kick you out of your morning dullness and stuff you with the energy you´ll need for the day. It´s a morning kick starter – and the best, without a significant amount of time. Even making coffee will take much more time, than turning the green powder into a healthy green power drink. It´s the best way to detox and cleanse your body, boost your weakened immune system against viruses and bacteria, raise your body´s energy level, and as a pleasant side effect, the Organifi Green Juice will help you burning fat in passing. After a few days of drinking the juice, you will never return to your unhealthy habits. Your body will reward you for this!

What´s the secret of the entire body boost?

The secret is within the harmonic composition of lots of superfoods. Even if you are ambitious in fitness and a healthy diet, it´s almost impossible to mix a green drink, which is nearly the same nutritious, from fresh food every day. So, why not making life a bit more comfortable and draw on the Organifi Green Juice Powder? But, it´s not only for you’re the perfect breakfast, but also for your partner, or even for the kids. They also benefit from the nutritious green juice. The powder contains lots of healthy green stuff, each of it a superfood for itself, in combination, almost invincible. The green juice by Organifi is really powerful and loaded with healthy leafy greens. There are lots of green superfood drinks out there; that´s why you should make sure to read the common list of ingredients. Most of them only contain a few green superfoods, others have only a low concentration of the leafy greens and are mixed with fillers without any nutritious benefit. That´s why you should take care of picking only the best green juice only containing a pure and high concentration of powerful superfoods. Just read the Origanifi Green Juice reviews. 

The green drink ingredients – and how they really work 

To give an overview, the Organifi green juice contains eleven ingredients, each a superfood by itself. They are Moringa, Chlorella, Mint, Spirulina, Beets, Matcha Green Tea, Wheatgrass, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Lemon and Coconut Water. Think about mixing all of the ingredients in the morning freshly. Nobody is having that much time. You can do it within 30 seconds. And above all this, the Green Juice provided by Organifi is certified to be USDA Organic, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and even vegan. Think once more about the offers of your local supermarket – and then opt for Organifi. 

The Moringa leaves

The Moringa tree is also called, the tree of life. In Ayurveda medicine, the leaves, fruits, roots, and even the seeds are supposed to be a magic cure against lots of diseases and complaints. The leaves contain a very high concentration in minerals, essential Aminoacids and a high number of vital substances. The nutrition in detail: 18 out of 20 Aminoacids, micronutrients, minerals like calcium (17 times more than in milk), magnesium, potassium (3 times more than in a banana), iron (9 times more than contained in beef), zinc, furthermore the vitamins A, C (more than a orange) and K, it provides more protein than a egg, and essential Omega 3 fatty acids. Thereby the tree itself is very modest, needs only a little water and grows very fast. The Himalayan region is the primal homeland of the Moringa tree. Meanwhile, you can find it in India, Africa, Southeast Asia and in some of the Arabic countries. You can use the fruits for cooking and the leaves for teas or for smoothies and shakes. When used as a medical plant, the Moringa tree helps against headache, flatulencies, cuts, and inflammation, secondary phytochemicals lower the blood pressure, the cholesterol level and protect against Diabetes II. And, as a pleasant side effect, it is aphrodisiac. It has a strong antioxidative effect, which accelerates cell renewal and should even protect against cancer. Furthermore, it contains a high amount of free radicals, helps to strengthen the immune system, improves blood circulation and increases metabolism. That´s only one of the eleven superfoods within the Organifi Green Juice. Let´s see what the green drink additionally can do for our body. 

Chlorella – 2 million years of experience

Chlorella is a microalga with a powerful detoxifying effect, and besides this, it supports and enhances almost all the metabolic processes in the entire body. These facts suppose to Chlorella to be one of the best food supplements available. The Chlorella microalga is a powerful single-cell organism and lives on this earth since approximately 2 million years. The Chlorella contains the highest amount of chlorophyll of all plants. Chlorophyll is also called “the green blood” because it´s almost similar to the human hemoglobin. If you are looking for the ultimate boost for your blood, here it is. It cleanses the blood and raises the blood´s concentration in minerals. That´s why Chlorella positively influences the whole body. But chlorophyll regulates the acid-base balance, protects against inflammation, and improves the regenerative capacity of the cells. Within the gut, it binds toxins (coming from chemical sprays, teeth or dental materials, molds, environmental toxins, heavy metals or any other kind of toxic compounds), which can be eliminated with the stool, and as a result, the micro biome can find its natural balance. The detoxification plays a significant role in the protection against cancer and means a protection of the liver. Besides the undisputed fact of being one of the best detoxifying supplements, the Chlorella algae is rich in proteins, regulates the carbohydrate metabolism, contains valuable fibers and lots of vital substances, such as the Vitamins B1,B2,B3,B5,B6, B9, biotin, C, A, D, E and K. Furthermore calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper and selenium. 

Still interested in your sugar loaded cornflakes? Let´s step over to mint – not only for tea and chewing gum. 

Mint – the refreshing herb

We all know mint being used for teas, chewing gums or toothpaste. But did you know, that mint is also an ancient and well-researched remedy? It is deployed against cold, stomach cramps, diarrhea, headache, and, with its intense mint flavor, it has a balancing effect on the psyche. You can drink it as a tea or use the ethereal oils. The most essential ingredients are the menthol, which gives the mint its very characteristic taste, tanning agents, flavonoids, resins, and bitter substances. Due to these ingredients, the mint is cramp solving when having flatulencies, colic, and stomachache. It´s perfect when having a cold because it´s mucolytic. Besides, it´s a beneficial remedy due to its cramp solving effect while having the period, and last but not least it has a relaxing and calming effect on the psyche. The fresh smell of the menthol supports clear thinking and prevents concentrations disorders and poor memory by activating the amygdala and the hippocampus. 

Spirulina – Chlorella´s algae sister

As seen with the Chlorella algae, algae in general lead to total body activation and cleaning. Due to this fact, the body´s energy lever raises. Spirulina is as well as Chlorella completely fortified with nutrients and vital substances, with chlorophyll and has a positive impact on the acid-base balance. There are lots of positive effects attributed to the small green power food also contained in the Organifi green drink. These are among other things: activation of the self-healing powers, improved regeneration of the cells, protection against infections and viruses, reduce allergic reactions, can promote the blood values, reduces inflammation, can have an anti-carcinogen effect, decelerates the aging process and raises the brain performance. And all these effects out of small green algae, which are loaded with chlorophyll and nutrients. 

Beets – the red, green power food

There´s one green power food within the Organifi drink, which is different from the other superfoods, concerning its color – the beet. Due to its bright and shiny red color, the beet is rich in iron, but also in minerals, vitamins and further in secondary phytochemicals. The vitamins are A, B, and C. Additionally, there´s potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphor, and sodium – and not to forget the betanin, which gives the beet the bright red color. The earthy tasting vegetable is a real power food – red, but green within the heart. The most known effect of beet is a positive effect on blood pressure. The antihypertensive effect goes back to the nitrate, which can be converted into nitrite and so has a vasodilatory impact. Beet boosts the regeneration of the cells and forces the production of the mitochondria, the power plants of the cells. This effect provokes a higher performance and decelerates the aging process. Additionally, fat metabolism is improved, and weight loss can be a result. Furthermore one repeats to beet to prevent diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, Alzheimer´s, and joint problems. 

Want some more sugared cereals or the next superfood?

Matcha Green Tea – the green energizer

The Green Matcha tea has its origin in China and the Japanese word “Matcha” means nothing less than “grounded” tea. Soon the Buddhist monks produced the drink, and it was a valuable remedy. Today, Matcha is used in the kitchen can refine cakes, smoothies, ice cream or biscuits. But be aware, that the bright green powder contains caffeine, 4 Gramm of Matcha have as much caffeine as an espresso. But on the other hand, the green Matcha tea also contains the amino acid L-Theanine, which has a calming effect on the psyche. When you drink green tea, you only infuse the water with the green leaves, but when drinking a Matcha green, you get the whole power contained in the leaves. But what´s precisely within? There´s Vitamin B1, B2, B3, E, Vitamin C, and K, calcium, Potassium and Beta carotene. Beta carotene is the chemical pre-structure of Vitamin A, which is very important to keep the eyes, the skin and the mucosa healthy and is furthermore essential to many metabolic processes. Let´s switch over to another group of active and healthy substances, the polyphenols. They act as radical catchers and protect the body against toxins. They are also said to protect against heart diseases and cancer. The content of polyphenols is measured with the so-called Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC), it indicates how strong the anti-oxidative power of a single nutrient is. Good Matcha tea reaches even higher values than Acai berries, which are known as a potent antioxidative nutrient. The antioxidative power of Matcha is 137 times higher than regular green tea (due to the fact, that only the best and youngest leaves are harvested), 100 times higher than Vitamin C, and 25 times higher than Vitamin E. Studies showed, that when drinking 5 cups of Matcha daily – what is quite an amount of green tea, the risk of getting a heart disease can be reduced by 20-30%. It´s even supposed to protect against Alzheimer´s. What a superfood. Additionally, there´s a high amount of chlorophyll which is also a super nutrient. 

The green drink by Organifi gets even more likable, isn´t it?

Wheatgrass – another green life-saver

The green juice powder additionally contains wheatgrass, a superfood, which is very popular all over the world. It´s available as a ready to drink juice in capsules, or as here as a powder to mix your own smoothie or green juice. The wheatgrass is the grass of the wheat, harvested only after four to six weeks, which means that there´s no gluten contained. It has an unbelievable amount of vitamins, minerals or trace elements. Here´s just a small excerpt: pro-vitamin A, vitamin B1 (30 times more than milk), B2, B3, B5, B6, folic acid, B12, C (60 times more than oranges), D, E (50 times more than spinach), Biotin and vitamin K, iron (5 times more than spinach), iodine, potassium, calcium (11 times more than raw milk), cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese (5 times more than bananas), sodium, phosphor, sulfur, selenium, zinc and even 75! further minerals and trace elements. Unbelievable. The young wheatgrass contains 17 different amino acids and is again fully loaded with chlorophyll. Another “green blood” super-supplement. Due to its ingredients, the wheatgrass has a basifying effect on the cells, calms the gastrointestinal system, is said to protect against cancer and has a very anti-inflammatory effect. It reduces the fat cells in the liver and absorbs free radicals. Even precious proteins are within the wheatgrass, twice as much as contained in eggs, and eight times more proteins than contained in milk. 

Ashwagandha – Ashwa what?!?

Let´s meet the Ayurvedic teaching again. They know the Ashwagandha, which is also called the Indian Ginseng, for more than 5000 years as a precious medical plant. It´s said to strengthen the vitality, improves the inner peace and power by lowering the cortisol level, reduces anxiety, raises the energy and performance level, and above all has an aphrodisiac effect. It´s an adaptogenic substance that balances the neuroendocrine system and normalizes the physical functions of the immune system. Physically seen, Ashwagandha lowers the cholesterol level, has a positive effect on the thyroidal and adrenal hormones, stabilizes the blood sugar level and strengthens the immune system. The healing plant in a fascinating way has a balancing effect on hormones, no matter if their level is too high or too low. When you suffer chronic stress, then the green juice with Ashwagandha is perfect for you, because it repowers the adrenal glands. Additionally, it has an anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effect. And if that were not already enough, the healing plant works antifungal, antibacterial, antiparasitic and in a virostatic way. Additionally, it seems to prevent cancer cells from growing and pushes the growth of the Dendrites, which is part of the nerves. There´s still so much to say about the positive effects of Ashwagandha: it protects against Alzheimer´s, Parkinson´s, Diabetes, protects the heart, reduces pain and fever, it´s a remedy for men and women when it´s about infertility, strengthens the bones, protects the liver, gut, reins, and the skin, but the list is still very long. And above all powerful superfood. 

The tasteful Turmeric

The Organifi Green Juice actually contains 11 powerful superfoods. The next on the list is turmeric, also called Indian saffron. Turmeric is adored as a holy plant for 5000 years and is used in the Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as in the Ayurvedic tradition. The rest of the world used turmeric only for cooking until the healing power was brought to the fore. The Curcuma plant belongs to the ginger family, and the delicious powder with the intense color can be obtained from the root of the turmeric plant. Though, the active ingredient is curcumin. The industry uses curcumin as a colorant and as a flavor carrier. But the medical effect is much more interesting to us. It´s anti-inflammatory, analgesic provides against cancer and bone loss, removes heavy metals by binding them within the gut, has a positive effect on Alzheimer´s and Diabetes, and lowers the cholesterol levels. Curcuma isn´t very water soluble. Due to this fact it remains in the gastrointestinal tract, without being resorbed. There it can absorb toxins like a sponge and eliminates them. The accumulation of toxins within the body can lead to chronic illnesses and lots of different diseases. So it´s worth to remove them. Staying in the gastrointestinal tract, studies showed a positive effect on intestinal health. It was observed, that taking turmeric on a regular base can halve the number of existing intestinal adenoids and the other half was shrinking about 50%. Additionally, turmeric raises the number of digestive enzymes. Above all these facts, turmeric contains a high amount of magnesium, calcium, and essential oils. These oils are said to be antibiotic, anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory, and raises cardiac activity. Besides the positive effect of these essential oils, the turmeric´s curcumin stimulates the metabolism, leads to a stabilizing of the blood sugar levels, and reduces the incorporation of fat in the body. The containing antioxidants make the skin, hair, and nails healthy and shiny. They furthermore protect against wrinkles, skin aging and improves the skin appearance by reducing inflammation. Turmeric is a natural source of B-Vitamins, zinc, and copper. These vitamins and trace elements are essential for healthy connective tissue and collagen.  Turmeric can also be used as a paste and applied locally on herpes simplex efflorescence or any other kind of skin alternations.  

Lemon – yellow, but green, too.

Lemon water is trendy at the moment. Lots of people start their day by squeezing a half lemon and drinking the juice with water on an empty stomach. This procedure is very recommendable because there are so many positive aspects of drinking lemon juice. As an alternative, you can drink Organifi Green Juice and profit from 10 further superfoods also. But let´s focus on the lemon, what´s its healing power? After sleeping the whole night, the body is quite dehydrated. Use lemon to rehydrate your body and deliver the valuable water your body needs to run so many metabolic processes. Lemon improves the digestion, by supporting the stomach and increasing the quantity of bile acid. This process optimizes the lipometabolism and prevents constipation. The boost of Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Additionally, Vitamin C has a strong anti-oxidative effect. Due to the high amount of Vitamin C you can use lemon also for disinfection of potable water. It´s an effective weapon against Cholera. Switch over to the reins – lemon contains lots of citrates, which can solve kidney stones and prevents their re-occurrence. Lemon juice, included in the delicious green drink, helps not only the reins but also protects the joints against gouty arthritis. Additionally, to the protecting effect, lemon juice also forces the elimination of toxins and contaminants. As a further positive effect, lemon juice regulates the acid-base balance. It´s rich in calcium and magnesium, which work as a base, it´s poor in acid-forming Aminoacids, pushes the building of the body´s own bases, such as the building of the bile, it delivers valuable antioxidants, Vitamin C and activating fruit acids. Due to all these effects, it´s no wonder, that drinking yellow “green” lemon juice is the perfect companion for losing weight. Although the juice is very sour, it has a healing effect on the stomach and its mucosa. This is valid for all kinds of the mucosa, no matter if within the nose, the lunge or in the eye. It generally has a healing effect on almost every type of tissue. 

Don´t miss to talk about the positive effects on the skin, it strengthens the connective tissue, is anti-bacterial and protects against free radicals, which means to be a real anti-aging power food. 

Last but not least, another king of superfood: coconut water

The last superfood on our list is a bright and shiny white one. It´s coconut water. Different to coconut milk, which contains lots of fat and is rich in calories, coconut water is a very low-calorie drink – only 17-20 calories per 100ml -, but high in valuable supplements. To gain the coconut water, the nuts have to be harvested quite early, just after six to seven months. Each nut contains about a pint of coconut water. The isotonic water is perfect for athletes to balance the minerals, in the tropes, it is even used as a blood serum substitute, given right out of the sterile nut. Not every isotonic drink is that valuable. Very often it´s stuffed with sweeteners, synthetic Vitamins, flavors, stabilizers, and artificial colors. That´s definitely not what makes your body ready to race again! But coconut water does. It contains sodium – up to 250 mg, which is equal to most of the artificial isotonic drinks, natural sugar (glucose, fructose, and sucrose) with an ideal proportion of 2:1. Additionally, there´s a very high amount of potassium, which equilibrates the acid-base balance, and, besides calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D, is essential for the bone metabolism. Potassium also supports the cardiovascular system. Coconut water protects the stomach against ulceration, you can even use it as a remedy when you already have ulceration. Furthermore, it restores the acid-base balance and is said to have a renal cleansing function. Studies showed that drinking coconut water on a daily base could lower the systolic blood pressure in 70% of the participants. To sum it up, coconut water is perfect for re-mineralization, the acid-base balance and the general regeneration of the body, no matter it needed for the tissue or the heart. 

Still keen on sugar-iced cornflakes?

What an amount of information. After reading so much about the power of superfoods, it´s more than obvious, that starting the day with a delicious green drink is the best thing you can do for you and your body. It provides so many minerals, Vitamins, trace elements, helps to detoxify pollutants, can heal the gut and the heart, prevents Diabetes and Alzheimer´s, regulates the acid-base balance and the hormones. The list is almost endless. Why not starting today giving your body this valuable power juice. Because you´re worth it. Only after a few days, you will realize having more energy and being more balanced. Many health experts recommend drinking green superfood on a daily base. Just read the reviews and then try out yourself. Take one minute a day to make a difference – for your convenience, they are also available as Go Packs with 30 single servings. And, you can relax, because there´s a 60 days money back guarantee. When discovering the power of green superfood, don´t hesitate do tray out the brother and sister of the Organifi Green Juice – it´s the Organifi Red Juice and the Gold Juice. The red juice fights aging, refuels the energy and boots the metabolism to burn excess fat. It´s rich in berries, such as raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, and blueberry, furthermore there´s pomegranate, beets, acai, reishi mushroom, ginseng, Rhodiola and Cordyceps. All of them a superfood on their own, but all together in  the Red Juice Mix by Organifi unbeatable. The other sibling is the Gold, made for better sleep. Taken in the evening the included superfoods turmeric, ginger, reishi mushroom, lemon balm, turkey tail mushroom, black pepper piperine, coconut milk, cinnamon and acacia fiber prebiotic. The Gold drink by Organifi is drunken like a warm cup of soporific tea in the evening. The perfect solution when you lie awake at night, missing the necessary and rejuvenation sleep you need to meet the challenges waiting for you the next day. Gold provides better sleep, relaxes the muscles, and supports the health joints.

Discover lots of more

But beside the siblings of Green Juice Organifi is waiting with lots of other wonderful products to improve your health in a fast and easy way. Click here to discover the entire range of Organifi. 

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